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Why Do I Teach?

Welcome to Mindful Heart Yoga and Wellness! I am so excited to finally have this website up and running! Blog posts won't be as regular as podcasts but this will be a space for me to share shorter, more concentrated thoughts!

Why did I become a yoga instructor and personal trainer??? Because I want to help people! Yes, that's the norm response, it's cliche. But it is true. I found years ago that my authenticity and energy truly does, and can help people become better versions of themselves.

I get so sick of people saying they "can't". I can't lose weight, I can't eat right, I can't exercise I can't do yoga, I can't I can't I can't....YES YOU CAN!!! Stop limiting your beliefs, stop doubting yourself, and start pushing yourself. start loving yourself enough to be better, do better every single day. Everyday all we can do is our best, in that moment on that day. and your best will look different every single day but when you close your eyes at night, KNOW you have given that day your absolute best! It's all we can do, and I am here to help.

I want to help you, through yoga and fitness and mindfulness and meditation how to live and be the best you. So I became a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer so we can have one on one time to work on you. I will motivate you, encourage you, maybe yell at you time to time in order to help you achieve your goals!

So welcome! Come take classes with me at Core Love Yoga and Fitness here in Dover. Reach out and book personal training sessions or private yoga instruction with me. I have plans available for whatever fits your needs, weekly sessions, a couple times a week, however often you need.

And it is not just face to face. you will have my cell number for accountability, motivation and answering any questions you may have. I am here for 24/7. Together, we will make magic!

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